Thank you for using Qointum!

We, NewGamePlus Inc. (our company), provide the following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) to govern your subscription to a Pro License of the Qointum client software (the “Software”). By purchasing a subscription you are agreeing that you understand these Terms.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms or terminate your subscription at any time.

Minimum Term

The minimum term for a new subscription is 1 year. You cannot cancel your subscription before its expiry date. You are legally obligated to pay the full amount owing for the 1 year subscription via monthly payments. The duration of the subscription period is calculated as 1 year from the first day of the first full calendar month in the period. Each monthly payment will be charged to your account on the first day of each month in the subscription period.

Flexible Plan

At the end of the minimum term your subscription will be automatically transferred to a flexible plan. On the flexible plan you pay month to month with the option to cancel any time. Once cancelled you cannot reactivate the flexible plan, you will have to start a new subscription.


All payments are final and there shall be no refunds except as required by law.

Qoin Payments

ℚoins (the Software’s tokens) must be sent to the Qointum address associated with your website account. Qoins can be purchased from third-party exchanges using Bitcoin (BTC) or fiat currencies (such as CAD). On the first day of each month the amount owing (denominated in ℚ) is calculated from the Pricing (denominated in CAD) and the last cumulative daily average QOIN/BTC and BTC/USD and USD/CAD price listed on the following third-party exchanges: (to-be-determined).