The Team

Dan Dan @Qarterd
With over 10 mobile games in his portfolio including a $Multi-Million revenue generating chart topper, Dan brings over 15 years of software development experience from the areas of 3D graphics, physics, networking, tools, and web design.

The Company

Qointum is owned and operated by NewGamePlus Inc., a cryptocurrency software development startup company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to shape the web into a network that is fully decentralized, transparent, and quantum-secure, with programmable cryptocurrency at its core, in order to support a lightning-fast global digital economy in an automated manner that is free from human fallacy.

Our Philosophy

Our company name is derived from the game mode “New Game+” found in select games, which allows the player to start a completed game again from the beginning with special features. This mode is a sign of polished game software that has been crafted with dedication and passion to create an experience worth enjoying again and again. Similarly, we strive to create software that goes above and beyond user expectations.

Our Location

We are operating out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.